One of our strengths is in the perfect organization of production cycles, thus enabling the execution of orders on schedule, thanks to the professionalism of the staff and the preparation of specific phases of assembly.

The use of programmable machines for stripping and cutting of cables enables us to carry out in brief time cabling of cabinets for any sector.

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Inspection test

E.L.E.M.A.C. SA has always been sensitive to the quality requirements of its products, reserving accurate monitoring in construction phases and delivery in accordance with ISO 9001 and still complying with EN60204-1 regulations by executing the following tests:

  • functional testing according to the specifications of the project
  • voltage test
  • Dielectric Rigidity test and Burn-In a 10Kv
  • isolation testing (Meggger) with voltage up to 1000Vcc
  • continuity testing of protective circuits with 12 Vcc/ca – 20 A source
  • testing of residual voltage

For the correct functionality of the electrical cabinet produced, we produce specific simulators for testing to allow for accurate control of all the functions requested by the customer and of the machine itself.

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E.L.E.M.A.C. SA follow its clients until the delivery of the machinery, realizing the complete cabling of the electric and pneumatic system, according to the technical specifications of the project.

It can also carry out machinery start-up on site at final customer locations, thanks to the contained hourly cost of its staff.